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Deep Sea Mining
polymetallic nodules

Rich deep-sea fauna on polymetallic nodules targeted for mining

Download press release By JPI OCEANS | 2 June 2017 An international group of researchers from Germany (Senckenberg am Meer), Belgium (Ghent University), France (Ifremer), and...
UN General Assembly adopts resolution

Historic Decision: UN General Assembly Adopts Resolution to Negotiate a Treaty that will Protect...

HIGH SEAS ALLIANCE | 24 December 2017 The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution today, December 24th, towards protecting half the planet as it...
energy metal supplies

Cobalt’s dramatic demand bump gives rise to novel investment vehicle

HENRY LAZENBY on MINING WEEKLY | 1 December 2017 "Cobalt supply constraints, coupled with a never-before-seen boom in the adoption rate of electric vehicles (EV)...

MITech Launches ‘Cinema-Class’ ROV

SUBSEA WORLD NEWS | 14 December 2017 "Pixel is a multi-camera underwater filming and exploration platform that will facilitate cinema quality deep water and coastal...
metals prices

S&P’s sees further improvement in most metal prices in year ahead

MEGAN VAN WYNGAARDT on MINING WEEKLY | 5 March 2018 "Metals prices have benefited from the improved global economy and from a recently weaker US...
submerged trials deep sea mining

Deep Sea Mining

ELAINE MASLIN on OFFSHORE ENGINEER | 1 October 2017 "Many are looking to a new resource, deep sea minerals, thanks to growth in demand from...

Advancing technology signals imminent opening of undersea mineral treasure chest

HENRY LAZENBY on MINING WEEKLY | 29 August 2017 "In a new era of ever-advancing technology and increased legal certainty, ocean floor mining is set...
Kelvin Passfield of Te Ipukarea Society. Photo: RNZ/ Sally Round

Call for Cooks’ seabed mining licences to require risk research

Radio New Zealand | 21 November 2018 In recent weeks, the government has been holding public meetings to hear feedback on its plan to open...
PNG seabed mining project

Call for transparency around PNG seabed mining project

RADIO NEW ZEALAND | 24 November 2016 "Papua New Guinea's public has the right to be informed about impacts of seabed mining, according to the...
Tanzania's President

Tanzania’s President Urges Increased Control of Mineral Wealth

OMAR MOHAMMED on BLOOMBERG MARKETS | 26 July 2017 "Tanzanians are being cheated out of the country’s mineral wealth and should take more control of...

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How to access a research paper.

Deep-sea mining, as both an industry and community of practice, is highly engaged in the scientific process. From plume flow models to...
Cut rock samples from the Rio Grande Rise show Fe-Mn crusts (black and gray) growing on various types of iron-rich substrate rocks (pale to dark brown). Photo credit: Kira Mizell, USGS.

A lost continent rich in cobalt crusts could create a challenging precedent for mineral...

The Rio Grande Rise is an almost completely unstudied, geologically intriguing, ecologically mysterious, potential lost continent in the deep south Atlantic. And it also...
Mapping the deep sea mining system lends insights into the key problems, and solutions. Image credit Jory Fleming, Lucinda Ford, Edward Hornsby.

Diving Deep into Systems: Increasing Public Leverage in the Deep-sea Mining Conversation

Taking a systems approach to deep sea mining shows engaging the public is key to the sustainable development and governance of the industry.