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Deep Sea Mining
The Ocean No 6 returns to port in South China's Guangdong province on Nov 11, 2018. Photo courtesy Chinanews.com.

Chinese vessel collects cobalt samples in the Pacific.

Reuters | 11 November 2018 A Chinese deep-sea exploration vessel has returned to port in Guangdong after collecting samples of so-called cobalt-bearing crusts during a...
energy metal supplies

Cobalt’s dramatic demand bump gives rise to novel investment vehicle

HENRY LAZENBY on MINING WEEKLY | 1 December 2017 "Cobalt supply constraints, coupled with a never-before-seen boom in the adoption rate of electric vehicles (EV)...
Advanced spatial planning models could promise new era of sustainable ocean development

Advanced spatial planning models could promise new era of sustainable ocean development

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY | 5 March 2018 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Earth's vast oceans brim with potential for commercial activities ranging from tourism to shipping to...
Deep-sea mining prospects in the Indian Ocean. ISA.

[Indian] Cabinet approves Rs 1600 crore for Ocean programme

Kalyan Ray | 29 August 2018 The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a Rs 1,600-crore programme to harness ocean resources and keep an eye on...

China’s deep-sea crewed submersible heads for Indian Ocean mining mission

China's deep-sea manned Jiaolong submersible has embarked on a journey to conduct the country's 38th oceanic scientific mission in preparation for potential mining of the...
Cooks legislation

Lack of environmental safeguards highlighted in Cooks legislation

RADIO NEW ZEALAND | 17 November 2017 "The Pacific Network on Globalisation says claims environmental costs would stop seabed mining in the Cook Islands would...
combustion engines

RIP Combustion Engines: Japan Shows Off Cars of the Future

KEVIN BUCKLAND and JIE MA on BLOOMBERG TECHNOLOGY | 23 October 2017 "Japan’s flagship automakers will present their futuristic visions for the post-fossil fuel era...
Patania II, courtesy DEME.

DEME unveils innovative nodule collector pre-prototype ‘Patania II’

PortNews | 18 September 2018 Global Sea Mineral Resources (GSR), DEME’s subsidiary specialised in deep sea harvesting, has unveiled the nodule collector ‘Patania II’. The...
gold miner

Why the Ocean is the Next Frontier for a Gold Miner

ZAYAN GUEDIM on EDGY LABS | 10 July 2017 "With the increasing global demand for metals and minerals, many land-based deposits are being depleted or...
Secretary General Award for Excellence in Deep Sea Research

Call for Nominations: Secretary-General Award for Excellence in Deep Sea Research

JAMAICA, Kingston (13 November 2017) - - Secretary-General Michael Lodge today issued a Call for Nominations for the Secretary-General Award for Excellence in Deep Sea...

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Diamond mining moves offshore and into the deep.

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The Triton 36000/2 Hadal Exploration System. Photo courtesy Triton Submarines.

Privately funded human-occupied vehicle returns from Challenger Deep

For only the third time in history, a human-occupied vehicle made the 11-kilometer journey into Challenger Deep, the deepest point in the...