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Deep Sea Mining

New Battery Soaks Up Carbon Dioxide

 Prachi Patel | 4 October 2018 Researchers at MIT have made a new lithium-based battery that runs on carbon dioxide taken directly from a power plant. Their...
Nickel Deficit

Deepening nickel deficit forecast as EV market booms

MINING WEEKLY | 25 October 2017 "JOHANNESBURG – As the world speeds ahead with a move towards more electric vehicles (EVs), including hybrids, plug-ins and...
environmental cost

Environmental cost will likely stop Cooks’ seabed mining

RADIO NEW ZEALAND | 15 November 2017 "The Cook Islands' Seabed Minerals Authority Commissioner Paul Lynch said the country's Seabed Minerals Act ensured a careful,...
deep-sea mining

UH professor joins warning on deep-sea mining

MICHAEL TSAI on HONOLULU STAR ADVERTISER | 9 July 2017 "A University of Hawaii oceanography professor is among an international team of scientists, economists and...
Environmental safeguards being ignored for deep sea mining

Environmental safeguards being ignored for deep sea mining

RADIO NEW ZEALAND | 1 March 2018 A Guam-based lawyer says the international community's legal position largely ignores environmental safeguards when it comes to Deep...
Scientists Warns on Seabed Mining

Scientists Warns on Seabed Mining

THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE | 22 January 2018 "Mining on the ocean floor could do irreversible damage to deepsea ecosystems, according to a new study by...
Solwara One Project

Limited Benefits in Solwara One Project

PNG POST-COURIER | 1 October 2017 "The issue of benefits has been one of the main concerns of the leaders of both New Ireland and...
Deep Seabed Mining

The International Seabed Authority and Deep Seabed Mining

MICHAEL LODGE in UN CHRONICLE | May 2017 "The deep ocean below 200 metres is the largest habitat for life on Earth and the most...
Deep Sea Mining Company

Deep Sea Mining Company Sued By Environmentalists

COLIN J MCCRACKEN on MY GOOD PLANET | 12 December 2017 "Deep sea mining has been called the ‘new gold rush‘, as tech companies scramble to...
marine mineral resources

Marine Mineral Resources to Benefit All Including Landlocked States

ALLAFRICA | 11 May 2017 "Seabed mining experts from all over the world convened from 2 to 4 May 2017 in the capital of the...

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From the Editor: An update on Solwara I and a call for article pitches.

This was a big month for deep-sea meetings, with workshops on risk management and high seas cable laying, as well as strong representation from...

Polymetallic Nodule and Sulphide Mining to Scale

To better help stakeholders visualize the scale of Polymetallic Nodule and Seafloor Massive Sulphide mining, we created this short info-graphic highlighting the size of...
The Honotua Cable that crosses CCZ Block 1, based on ISA’s maps. Image courtesy Business Wire.

Without “due regard”, mining may get snagged on submerged cables

Representatives from the International Seabed Authority, the deep-sea mining community, and the International Cable Protection Committee met last week in Bangkok for the Second Workshop...