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Deep Sea Mining


Impacts of deep-sea nodule mining

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Greenpeace organized a peaceful demonstration on the protection of the ocean outside the headquarters of the ISA. Photo ENB.

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Last week saw the conclusion of the 25th Session of the International Seabed Authority. Though much progress was made, significant work still...
Indian research vessel exploring the 75,000 km sq. ISA lease block. Photo courtesy The Hindu.

India launches ambitious new deep ocean research agenda

Of all the world’s oceans, the Indian Ocean is among the least explored. This is especially true in the deep Indian Ocean, which...
DOSI delegation, including Guilhon and Cambronero, at the ISA.

Deep-sea mining and the future: Students share their experience as first-time observers at the...

Being deep-sea scientists is all about wandering into the unknown, strongly driven by our research motivations. Some people say that life is all about...