The unseen man-made ‘tracks’ on the deep ocean floor

Richard Fisher for the BBC At the base of the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles from land, there are some curious marks on the seafloor that no animal could have made. Some of them look like narrow troughs carved into the pale silt. Others could be claw marks, gouged through the ecosystems of the deep […]

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Galathied crabs, shrimp, graze bacteria on vent mussels (NOAA)

Japan’s Grand Plans to Mine Deep-sea Vents

Martha Henriques for the BBC | 7 January 2019 Off the coast of Okinawa, a slim stretch of land among Japan’s southern Ryuku islands, thousands of metres below the surface, there are the remains of extinct hydrothermal vent systems scattered about the ocean floor. The minerals at these long-dead former vent sites are now gaining […]

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