Diamond mining moves offshore and into the deep.

Of the coast of Namibia, in barely 200 meters of water, an entirely different kind of deep-sea mining is taking shape. The target is neither precious metals, rare earth elements, or the minerals destined to supply next-generation batteries and power cells, but diamonds. The company is De Beers, the world’s largest diamond producer, and they […]

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#GuptaLeaks: A tale of two captures – Alexkor, Gupta Inc and ‘WMC’

SCORPIO on AMABHUNGANE CENTRE FOR INVEESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM | 13 Dec 2017 “Alexkor is a small operation that in some ways exists to award and manage contracts. Its shallow ocean concessions (up to 30 meters in depth) are mined by about 60 small-scale marine contractors, who use divers to manhandle large vacuum hoses to suck up […]

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Marin Teknikk

Marin Teknikk to Design Second Mining Vessel for Debmarine Namibia

SUBSEA WORLD NEWS | 20 November 2017 “The vessel will follow the MT6022 SS Nujoma delivered in 2016 to Debmarine Namibia. The new seabed mining vessel, with a length of 177 meters and a breadth of 27 meters, will be the largest ship ever designed by Marin Teknikk, the company said. The equipment to be […]

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Diamond Fields International

Diamond Fields International to Restart Gem Diamond Production

Vancouver, B.C. (November 20, 2017) – Diamond Fields International Ltd. (TSX-V: DFI) (“DFI” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide an update on its Namibian, offshore, diamond concessions. Agreement on Mining Program DFI is pleased to report that International Mining and Dredging Holdings (Pty) Limited (“IMDH“) and the Company have agreed to an initial mining […]

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diamond producer

Canadian diamond producer to resume mining off Namibian coast

VALENTINA RUIZ LEOTAUD on MINING.COM | 20 November 2017 “Vancouver-based Diamond Fields International (TSXV:DFI) announced that it is set to resume its mining activities off the coast of Namibia in 2018. In an alliance with International Mining and Dredging Holdings, the Canadian miner ran a bulk sampling program whose results officials say “were extremely encouraging, […]

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De Beers Searches the African Seabed for Diamonds

KEVIN CROWLEY on BLOOMBERG MARKETS | 15 June 2017 “De Beers finds some of its most valuable diamonds on the Atlantic Ocean seabed off the coast of Namibia, and it’s betting there are a lot more to be discovered. The world’s biggest diamond producer has spent $157 million on a state-of-the-art exploration vessel that will […]

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