seafloor expedition

Seafloor expedition data will help assess future deep-sea mining

JAMES MCNISH on NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM | 10 October 2017 “The research, led by the Museum, has expanded the number of known species of mollusc living on the zone’s seafloor from one to 21, with some species new to science. According to Dr Adrian Glover, principal investigator of the Museum’s Deep-sea Systematics and Ecology Research […]

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future deep-sea mining

New species could help monitor impact of future deep-sea mining

NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM LONDON (NHM) | 25 September 2017 “The sponges live on the ocean floor on metal-rich nodules. The region where they live is targeted by deep-sea mining companies interested in mineral extraction. Scientists believe they are likely the most abundant animal living on the nodules and could be a key indicator species for […]

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