Mining New Zealand

Balancing the Ethics of Mining New Zealand

MOLLY LEMPRIERE on MINING-TECHNOLOGY.COM | 18 September 2017 “A similar sentiment was felt following the recent approval for deep-sea iron sands mining by the New Zealand Government. This is the first approval of its kind and will see 50 million tonnes (Mt) of ore extracted per year from the South Taranaki Bight, offshore Patea, over […]

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seabed mining approved

Seabed mining approved in New Zealand despite environmentalists’ concerns

VALENTINA RUIZ LEOTAUD on MINING.COM | 11 August 2017 “New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority approved Trans-Tasman Resources’ application to mine iron sands from the seabed of South Taranaki Bight, located 22 kilometres to 36 kilometres offshore from Patea. The approval means that Trans-Tasman is now allowed to recover resources from the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone. […]

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New Zealand Seabed Mining

New Zealand seabed mining moves closer with EPA approval

DALE BENTON on MINING GLOBAL | 10 August 2017 “Deep sea mining in the sea-bed of New Zealand just moved a step closer, following significant approval from environmental regulators. Trans-Tasman Resources, an exploration company focused on the exploration and extraction of mineral sand deposits in New Zealand, has received approval on its Marine Consent to […]

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