This Week in Deep-sea Mining – March 22, 2022


Politico: The world is set to debate seabed mining regulations, but the U.S. will be on the outside looking in

Salon: Lockheed Martin’s deep-sea mining gets backlash

Business Standard: Deep ocean mission soon to study origins of life: MoES official


One Earth: Heading to the deep end without knowing how to swim: Do we need deep-seabed mining?

Press Releases

The Metals Company: The Metals Company and Allseas Announce Successful Completion of Harbor Wet-Test Commissioning of Robotic Polymetallic Nodule Collector Vehicle

The Metals Company: The Metals Company and Allseas Announce Proposed Economic Terms for Developing and Operating the World’s First Commercial System to Collect Deep-Sea Polymetallic Nodules to Meet Surging Demand for Critical Battery Metals

The Metals Company: The Metals Company Enters into Business Collaboration MoU with Epsilon Carbon to Complete A Pre-Feasibility Study For the World’s First Commercial Polymetallic Nodule Processing Plant in India

ISA: ISA Legal and Technical Commission closes the first part of its 27th session

ISA Session 27 Resources

ISA: Provisional Agenda of the Council

ISA: Weblink for viewing public Council Sessions


There are several individuals participating in the ISA session either in person of remotely. You can find a few of them on Twitter, here: Arlo Hemphill, Jesse van der Grient, Patricia Esquete, Duncan Currie, ISBA-HQ, and, of course, the DSMObserver and Andrew Thaler.

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