The Metals Company completes a world-first test of deep-sea mining system.

Andrew Thaler for the Deep-sea Mining Observer The Metals Company capped off 2022 by setting a historic milestone in the development of deep-sea mining technology. As the International Seabed Authority Council convened in Kingston, the crew of the AllSeas vessel MV Hidden Gem completed the first successful recovery of polymetallic nodules from the abyssal plain […]

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This Week in Deep-sea Mining – March 22, 2022

Headlines Politico: The world is set to debate seabed mining regulations, but the U.S. will be on the outside looking in Salon: Lockheed Martin’s deep-sea mining gets backlash Business Standard: Deep ocean mission soon to study origins of life: MoES official Papers One Earth: Heading to the deep end without knowing how to swim: Do […]

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A nodule harvester. Image courtesy DeepGreen.

DeepGreen raises $150 million as it advances towards production

DeepGreen Metals has secured $150 million in funding through a partnership with Allseas Group to launch the mining company’s first large-scale feasibility studies. These trials, slated for completion in 2023, will help pave the way for commercial exploitation of polymetallic nodules in the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone. DeepGreen views polymetallic nodule extraction as an essential step […]

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