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Deep-Sea Gold Miners Target PNG Coast

LUKE HUNT on THE DIPLOMAT | 26 December 2017 “Deep-sea mining is about to take an enormous step into the future. Off the coast of Papua New Guinea, in the Bismark Sea, the extraction of rich gold and copper deposits by a multinational group is promising high returns and they insist they are doing their […]

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Can Science Keep Deep Sea Miners From Ruining the Seafloor?

ERIC NILLER on WIRED | 20 December 2017 “Ocean explorers and entrepreneurs have been thinking about how to scoop up mineral-laden deposits on the seafloor since the HMS Challenger dragged a few up in a bucket during its globe-trotting scientific voyage in the 1870s. A century later, the CIA used deep sea mining as a […]

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David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough Against Deep Sea Mining

MEREDITH KUUSA on LOOP | 19 December 2017 “World famous naturalist, and BBC Broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough has expressed horror at the deep sea mining project that’s about to take place in Papua New Guinea. He sighted BBC video footage of the heavy-duty machinery brought in by deep sea miner Nautilus Minerals recently. He fears […]

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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

CHARLES GODDARD on THE ECONOMIST – THE WORLD IN 2018 | Dec 2017 “No one imagined deep-sea mining would be easy. But the coming year will help shape the nascent industry even before any mining begins. The International Seabed Authority (ISA), the UN body overseeing mining in international waters (roughly 65% of the ocean), aims […]

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Deep Sea Mining Company

Deep Sea Mining Company Sued By Environmentalists

COLIN J MCCRACKEN on MY GOOD PLANET | 12 December 2017 “Deep sea mining has been called the ‘new gold rush‘, as tech companies scramble to access a sea bed rich in minerals required for devices such as laptops and smartphones. It’s not only environmentalists who have been highlighting the dangers of such practices though. Academics […]

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DSM Summit Asia-Pacific Deep Sea Mining Summit

New Technologies Dominate DSM Summit

The 3rd Annual Asia-Pacific Deep Sea Mining Summit in Singapore on 21-22 November 2017 saw new technologies presented by delegates from offshore industries, bringing forth new innovations for exploration and exploitation of deep sea minerals. Presentations ranged from technology solutions for commercializing deep sea mining, to new concepts of ship building, multi-stage riser systems, umbilicals, […]

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Deep Seabed Mining

Deep Seabed Mining May Come Soon, Says Head of Governing Group

RANDY SHOWSTACK on EOS | 22 November 2017 “The world is “on the threshold of a new industry,” the head of an international body that governs deep-seabed mining said last week. At a 14 November forum in Washington, D. C., Michael Lodge, secretary-general of the International Seabed Authority (ISA), laid out environmental and other challenges […]

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International Seabed Authority internship associate legal officer environmental management plans Women and girls in science ISA Releases Stakeholder Submissions to Draft Exploitation Regulations

ISA Secretary-General Talks Deep Seabed Mining at Ocean Board Meeting

INTERNATIONAL SEABED AUTHORITY | 16 November 2017 JAMAICA, Kingston – –  The Authority has done a good job over its 24 years of existence of building its institutional capacity to manage deep seabed mining. Speaking at the special session on deep seabed mining at the 88th meeting of the Ocean Studies Board of the National […]

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