Nautilus: Good News / Bad News

Nautilus Minerals is advancing its equipment-testing at the same time as financial and management shortfalls prompt worries about the firm’s longevity. Submerged trials for Nautilus’ Seafloor Production Tools (SPTs) began in Papua New Guinea during the latter part of 2017 and are now nearing completion. Trials on the Collecting Machine and Auxiliary Cutter were completed […]

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Nautilus Minerals under pressure

Nautilus Minerals Under Pressure

The past month has been anything but quiet over at Nautilus Minerals.  Changes in leadership, transparent financial stress and mobilized on-the-ground opposition have clashed with marked advances in technology and production timelines on the controversial Solwara One deep sea mining project in Papua New Guinea. A positive 2017 second quarter left shareholders happy and Nautilus […]

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mining technology

PNGeans to Pioneer New Mining Technology

MICHAEL ARNOLD in PNG POST-COURIER | 28 September 2017 “With 18 months to go till the commencement of the production phase of the Solwara One project, two Papua New Guineans now find themselves at the helm of pioneering some of the world’s first experimental seabed mining technology. Sharing over 40 years of terrestrial mining experience […]

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