Has pulling the Trigger already backfired?

Andrew Thaler for the Deep-sea Mining Observer. The Republic of Nauru turned the deep-sea mining world on its head this summer when it invoked Article 15, colloquially known as the Trigger, starting a 2-year countdown on the finalization of mining regulations for polymetallic nodules in areas beyond national jurisdiction. This countdown means that commercial deep-sea […]

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© Marten van Dijl / Greenpeace

Major Brands Say No to Deep-sea Mining, for the Moment

Andrew Thaler for the DSM Observer On Wednesday, March 30, several major technology and automotive companies joined the deep-sea mining moratorium movement. Google, BMW, Volvo, and Samsung SDI (a Samsung subsidiary responsible for manufacturing small lithium-ion batteries for smartphones and other applications) signed on to the World Wide Fund For Nature’s Global Deep-sea Mining Moratorium […]

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Commentary: COVID-19 and the (ab)use of the silence procedure at the International Seabed Authority

Pradeep A. Singh Pradeep Singh is a research associate at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (Potsdam, Germany). Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the scheduled July 2020 session of the Legal and Technical Commission, the Council and the Assembly of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) could not take place in-person in Kingston, Jamaica. While […]

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International Seabed Authority internship associate legal officer environmental management plans Women and girls in science ISA Releases Stakeholder Submissions to Draft Exploitation Regulations

ISA Council approves Blue Minerals Jamaica Limited’s plan of work for exploration of polymetallic nodules in the CCZ

Press Release The Council of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) has approved Blue Minerals Jamaica Limited’s plan of work for exploration of polymetallic nodules in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ), making Jamaica, the host country of ISA, the second Caribbean country and the sixth small island developing State to sponsor a contractor for exploration in the […]

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The International Seabed Authority contributes to Kingston Mayor’s homeless response amid COVID-19

PRESS RELEASE The International Seabed Authority (ISA) has donated $3,000 USD and furniture from its headquarters in downtown Kingston, to the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) to help address the impact on human health and well-being, in particular for the most vulnerable groups of the society, namely the homeless population living in Kingston. ISA staff […]

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Statement on the passing of former ISA Secretary-General Satya N. Nandan

Press Release From ISA Secretary-General Mr. Michael W. Lodge: It is with profound sadness that I learned of the passing of H.E Satya N. Nandan who served for an unprecedented three terms as Secretary-General of the International Seabed Authority (ISA). Through his 12 years of leadership, he built the confidence of the international community in the institution, and […]

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ISA international workshop reviews impact of capacity-building programmes and underscores need for a programmatic approach

The first ever international workshop on ‘Capacity development, resources and needs assessment,’ organized by the International Seabed Authority (ISA) in Kingston, Jamaica, concluded yesterday with a set of recommendations aimed at improving the delivery and implementation of ISA’s capacity development programmes and initiatives to meet the needs and priorities of developing States, particularly Small Island Developing […]

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Greenpeace organized a peaceful demonstration on the protection of the ocean outside the headquarters of the ISA. Photo ENB.

From the Editor: Big moves at the second part of the 25th Session of the International Seabed Authority

Last week saw the conclusion of the 25th Session of the International Seabed Authority. Though much progress was made, significant work still lies ahead to meet to self-imposed 2020 deadline for implementing the draft exploitation regulations. As always, the Earth Negotiations Bulletin has provided a comprehensive summary of the overall meeting as well as day-to-day […]

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