Solwara 1

The writing is on the wall for Solwara 1 – PNG should withdraw

See original release from the Deep Sea Mining Campaign PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Amid financial strife and looming litigation, Sir Arnold Amet, former Papua New Guinean Attorney General and Minister for Justice advises the PNG Government to terminate its joint partnership agreement with Nautilus, recoup its 15% stake in the Solwara 1 deep sea mining […]

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Nautilus Minerals under pressure

Nautilus Minerals Under Pressure

The past month has been anything but quiet over at Nautilus Minerals.  Changes in leadership, transparent financial stress and mobilized on-the-ground opposition have clashed with marked advances in technology and production timelines on the controversial Solwara One deep sea mining project in Papua New Guinea. A positive 2017 second quarter left shareholders happy and Nautilus […]

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Nautilus Risky Deal

PNG POST-COURIER | 25 October 2017 “Former Attorney General Sir Arnold Amet has come out publicly warning that potential investors that Nautilus Solwara 1 project is a risky deal. The former Justice Minister has joined the growing opposition against the deep sea mining project which has been proposed in the Bismarck Sea, of which his […]

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Sir Arnold Amet calls for clarity on Nautilus seabed mining project

ABC NEWS | 20 October 2017   “The PNG government is being threatened with legal action by a group opposed to the planned undersea mining project, Solwara 1. One of their most high profile supporters, former Attorney General and Chief Justice, Sir Arnold Amet says people have a right to know what kind of environmental […]

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