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ISA Secretary-General Talks Deep Seabed Mining at Ocean Board Meeting

INTERNATIONAL SEABED AUTHORITY | 16 November 2017 JAMAICA, Kingston – –  The Authority has done a good job over its 24 years of existence of building its institutional capacity to manage deep seabed mining. Speaking at the special session on deep seabed mining at the 88th meeting of the Ocean Studies Board of the National […]

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Pew Charitable Trusts ISA Secretariat

International Seabed Authority and Pew Charitable Trusts

INTERNATIONAL SEABED AUTHORITY | 14 November 2017 JAMAICA, Kingston – – The International Seabed Authority has engaged with the Pew Seabed Mining Project in several areas including partnerships in relation to workshops in environmental matters held in Berlin and a workshop in Uganda earlier this year – the first to be held in a landlocked […]

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World Bank

Clean Energy Transition Will Increase Demand for Minerals, says new World Bank report

WASHINGTON, July 18, 2017 – A new report released today by the World Bank highlights the potential impacts that the expected continuing boom in low-carbon energy technologies will have on demand for many minerals and metals. Using wind, solar, and energy storage batteries as key examples of low-carbon or “green” energy technologies, the report, “The […]

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