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Deep Sea Mining
If commercial mining of seabeds is to prove viable, specialist machinery such as robot submarines will need to be developed. AFP

India sees ocean floor as ripe for mining

The National | 6 December 2018 In the classic 1870 Jules Verne novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, underwater explorer...
submerged trials deep sea mining

A high-profile deep-sea mining company is struggling

The Economist | 5 December 2018 AFTER LISTING on the Toronto stock exchange in 2006 Nautilus Minerals became the...
Container ships currently use bunker fuel, a residue from crude oil that is cheaper but dirtier than petrol and diesel © Bloomberg

Maersk pledges to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2050

Richard Milne for the Financial Times | 4 December 2018 The world’s largest container shipping company has pledged...
Nautilus Minerals' PSV under construction

Nautilus jumps on possible support vessel reprieve

Mining Journal | 7 December 2018 Marine mining pioneer Nautilus Minerals jumped 20% in Toronto this week after it...
A new species of the sea-anemone-like Relicanthus clings to a sponge stalk on the floor of the Pacific Ocean.Credit: D. J. Amon & C. R. Smith

The final frontier: who owns the oceans and their hidden treasures?

Zoe Tabary for Thomson Reuters Foundation | 4 December 2018 LONDON, Dec 4 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ransom-hungry pirates, polar explorers, offshore oil giants - the...
Nautilus vessel construction surpasses 75% Big Month at Nautilus

Nautilus Looks to Joint Venture to Refinance Seafloor Mining Support Vessel

Maritime Executive | 3 December 2018 Nautilus Minerals has announced that it is currently negotiating the terms of an agreement for a joint venture (JV)...

Deepwater corals thrive at the bottom of the ocean, but can’t escape human impacts

Sandra Brooke for The Conversation | 3 December 2018 When people think of coral reefs, they typically picture warm, clear waters with brightly colored corals...
Photo by Drew Bewely, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Alvin Submersible Makes 5,000th Dive

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute | 26 November 2018 Alvin, the country's only deep-diving research submersible capable of carrying humans to the sea floor, reached another...
A manganese-crusted rock sample being grabbed from the Te Tukunga o Fakahotu dive site, just north of the Manihiki Plateau, near the Cook Islands. Photo: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Mountains in the Deep: Exploring the Central Pacific Basin.

Cooks’ deep sea mining exploration will lead to impact assessment

Radio New Zealand | 23 November 2018 By offering tenders for deep sea exploration the environmental risks of extracting minerals from the seabed will be...
Deep-sea mining prospects in the Indian Ocean. ISA.

India’s National Institute of Oceanography projects to focus on offshore mining, extraction of gas...

The Times of India | 27 November 2018 The National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) has been accorded permission by the International Seabed Authority (ISA) to...

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How to access a research paper.

Deep-sea mining, as both an industry and community of practice, is highly engaged in the scientific process. From plume flow models to...
Cut rock samples from the Rio Grande Rise show Fe-Mn crusts (black and gray) growing on various types of iron-rich substrate rocks (pale to dark brown). Photo credit: Kira Mizell, USGS.

A lost continent rich in cobalt crusts could create a challenging precedent for mineral...

The Rio Grande Rise is an almost completely unstudied, geologically intriguing, ecologically mysterious, potential lost continent in the deep south Atlantic. And it also...
Mapping the deep sea mining system lends insights into the key problems, and solutions. Image credit Jory Fleming, Lucinda Ford, Edward Hornsby.

Diving Deep into Systems: Increasing Public Leverage in the Deep-sea Mining Conversation

Taking a systems approach to deep sea mining shows engaging the public is key to the sustainable development and governance of the industry.