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Deep Sea Mining

MOF-ROK Training Opportunities

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Republic of Korea (MOF-ROK) in accordance with the contract for the exploration for polymetallic nodules with the International...

SIO At-Sea Training Oportunities

The Second Institute of Oceanography, SIO (SIOSOA) in collaboration with the ISA Endowment Fund is offering two at-sea training places to candidates from developing States under its 'International...
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Ocean Mineral Singapore 2019 Training Programme

Apply Here Ocean Mineral Singapore Pte. Ltd. (OMS), in accordance with its contract for exploration for polymetallic nodules with the International Seabed Authority, is offering ten...

COMRA Training Programmes

Apply Here China Ocean Mineral Resources R & D Association (COMRA), in accordance with its contract for exploration for polymetallic sulphides signed with the Authority...

OTGA/VLIZ Training Course: Research Cruise Planning & Management

Apply Here. SummaryThis course provides an overview of requirements for organizing a Research Cruise within a project and/or submitting a request for ship time. The...
International Seabed Authority internship associate legal officer environmental management plans Women and girls in science ISA Releases Stakeholder Submissions to Draft Exploitation Regulations


JAMAICA, Kingston (10 July 2018) - - In accordance with its exploration contract for polymetallic sulphides with the International Seabed Authority, the Ministry of...

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How to access a research paper.

Deep-sea mining, as both an industry and community of practice, is highly engaged in the scientific process. From plume flow models to...
Cut rock samples from the Rio Grande Rise show Fe-Mn crusts (black and gray) growing on various types of iron-rich substrate rocks (pale to dark brown). Photo credit: Kira Mizell, USGS.

A lost continent rich in cobalt crusts could create a challenging precedent for mineral...

The Rio Grande Rise is an almost completely unstudied, geologically intriguing, ecologically mysterious, potential lost continent in the deep south Atlantic. And it also...
Mapping the deep sea mining system lends insights into the key problems, and solutions. Image credit Jory Fleming, Lucinda Ford, Edward Hornsby.

Diving Deep into Systems: Increasing Public Leverage in the Deep-sea Mining Conversation

Taking a systems approach to deep sea mining shows engaging the public is key to the sustainable development and governance of the industry.