This Week in Deep-sea Mining: July 12, 2022


The Guardian: One deep sea mine could send noise 500km across the ocean – report

Japan Today: Outgunned island states vow to fight deep-sea mining

Reuters: France’s Macron says deep-sea mining must not go ahead

Asia Pacific Report: Fiji, Palau and Samoa call for deep-sea mining moratorium at UN conference

Eco-Business: Singapore affirms support for deep-sea mining


Chile: Position paper on the period established in paragraph 15(b) of the Annex
to the Agreement on the Implementation of Part XI of UNCLOS –
Submitted by Chile

Press Releases

The Metals Company: The Metals Company Contracts CSIRO-led Consortium to Pioneer Ecosystem-Based Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan for Deep-Sea Nodule Collection

ISA: Call for Proposals for a Work Process Review

ISA: ISA Legal and Technical Commission opens Part II of its 27th session

ISA: High-level event at the 2022 UNOC highlights the importance of multilateralism and international cooperation in ensuring the stewardship of seabed mineral resources and the protection of the marine environment of the Area for the benefit of humankind

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