ISA to Meet in Kingston

ISA to Meet in Kingston

In March, the ISA will hold the semi-annual meeting of its Legal and Technical Commission (a regularly-scheduled event) immediately after the completion of a semi-annual meeting of the ISA Council (an innovation for a body accustomed to once-a-year sessions) .  The dates are 5-9 March for the Council and 12-23 March for the Legal & Technical Commission (LTC).  Both meetings will review current ISA contracts and discuss the Draft Exploitation Regulations produced by the Secretariat. Member states and outside stakeholders have already submitted formal comments on the Draft regulations, and the Secretary General is expected to issue a revised document for consideration at the March sessions.

The official ISA agenda will be supplemented by a series of side events.  On March 5, the UK will present the results of the London workshop.  On March 6, the Pew Charitable Trusts will host a side event on Regional Environmental Management Plans.  And on March 7, the Secretariat will preview its draft five-year strategic plan.

The Annual Session of the ISA – with meetings of the LTC, Council, and Assembly — will take place 2-27 of July.

Additional information and official documents can be found on the ISA website:


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