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New Book on Deep Sea Mining

A new book from Springer offers one of the most comprehensive looks at deep sea mining to date.  Edited by Dr. Rahul Sharma of Goa, India’s National Institute of Oceanography, Deep-Sea Mining: Resource Potential, Technical and Environmental Considerations is a milestone update on this emerging industry, with contributions in 18 chapters from experts involved in different fields of deep-sea mining around the world.

The expansive text provides a complete topical overview from specialists on deep seabed mining for mineral resources such as polymetallic nodules, hydrothermal sulphides and ferromanganese crusts.  It takes an in-depth look at the technology used for mining activities under extreme conditions, examines the environmental impacts that may result and proposes a management plan for sustainable mining.

The book opens with a foreword written by ISA Secretary-General Michael W. Lodge and a preface by Dr. Sharma.

The book is available from Springer or on

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