MIT Comparative Study of Economic Models for Polymetallic Nodule Mining Now Available Online.

ANNOUNCEMENT | 29 January 2019

The comparative study of economic models requested by the International Seabed Authority (ISA) Council is now available on the ISA website: 
Prepared by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the study, which compares four economic models, will be reviewed at the first meeting of the open-ended working group of the ISA Council, to be held from 21 to 22 February 2019 at the Jamaican Conference Centre in Kingston, and immediately prior to the opening of the twenty-fifth session of the Council. 
The meeting of the open-ended working group is open to all stakeholders and will be chaired by the President of the Council, H. E. Olav Myklebust, who will report the outcomes of the discussions to the Council.
For more information, please see the briefing note from the President of the Council, the provisional agenda and the indicative programme of work for this first meeting of the working group. 
Formal credentials are not required for the meeting of the working group, however those who wish to attend are asked to inform the Secretariat in advance and send their name and title to: .

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