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“It is policies, currencies and commodity prices that have the greatest bearing on bottom lines.

That is why a few years back, Mining Journal hatched a plan to chart those people that have a daily influence on mining’s fortunes.
The 2017 list is similar to last year’s in several respects, but many of top 20 have since taken an offensive line, employing policies to grow GDP, boost their portfolios, or return cash to shareholders on new-found profitability.
A few of those selected went down another route.
Despite the battery mineral influx, precious metals continue to dominate the listed resources patch, meaning policy makers, and investors and miners of these commodities are that much more influential to the mining world.
IN: Ken MacKenzie , Elon Musk, John Magufuli, Lukas Lundin, Eric Sprott, Javier Cordova, Sean Roosen
OUT: Andrew Mackenzie, Luke Kissam, Gina Rinehart, Ross Beaty, Nelson Pizarro Contador, Thomas Kaplan, Mauricio Macri
UP: Donald Trump (six to two), Ivan Glasenberg (17 to nine), Jean-Sebastien Jacques (12 to 11), John Thornton (16 to 13)
DOWN: Mark Bristow (two to three), Rick Rule (three to four), Robert Friedland (four to six), Mark Cutifani (five to 12), Denise Johnson (eight to 14), Richard Schodde (13 to 15) “

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