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Deep Sea Mining

The rise of low-cost ROVs and community submersibles

As a community, we discuss mining, management, and monitoring, as well as the regulations that shape them, in terms of governments, major corporations, and...


FAU Receives Grant for Subsea Wireless Communications Technology

The U.S. National Science Foundation has provided a grant for $500,000 to Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science for development of...
"Today, cognitive undersea acoustics is a key wireless communication technology that can be used for a wide range of military, commercial, and scientific applications, including tactical surveillance, offshore exploration, monitoring of subsea machinery such as oil-rigs and pipelines, disaster prevention as well as the study of marine life," said Stella N. Batalama, Ph.D.

Policy Spotlight

ISA Returns to Kingston

The 24th Session of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) began Monday morning, March 5th with the opening of the Council. The Council will continue...
ISA to Meet in Kingston

ISA to Meet in Kingston


Upcoming Events

  1. OTGA/VLIZ Training Course: Research Cruise Planning & Management

    October 15 - October 19
  2. Deep-Sea Mining: Resolving Risk

    November 5 - November 6
  3. Beyond Challenger: a new age of deep-sea science and exploration

    November 12 - November 13
  4. World Ocean Council’s 6th Sustainable Ocean Summit

    November 14 - November 16
  5. ASLO 2019 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

    February 23, 2019 - March 2, 2019

Industry Releases

China is expected to produce more e-waste than the United States or the European Union by 2030 (Image: Global E-Waste Monitor)

The treasure hidden in our gadgets

Catherine Early | China Dialogue Gold is the most valuable metal in a phone. One tonne of gold ore contains around 1-5 grams of pure...
Photo: AFP

Futuna rejects seabed exploration and mining

Radio New Zealand | 14 September 2018 The rejection of any further exploration of the seabed was expressed at a meeting in Futuna with French...
Photo by Bloomberg MARKET POTENTIAL The African mining waste management market is split between a handful of companies, however, there is potential for several small companies to enter the market in the form of independent waste management service companies

Mining waste set to grow, but ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ solutions abound

Tracy Hancock | 7 September 2018 The evolution of waste management techniques to accommodate the shift to low-grade ores by mining operations is one of...
Map Key: Red: 10% of concentrated biodiversity (the most important habitats and feeding grounds for migratory species), Yellow: 70% of biodiversity (areas of importance for migratory species), Deep blue: areas not important for migratory species.

Negotiations start on a high seas treaty

Zhang Chun | September 5, 2018 The high seas cover two thirds of the ocean and are home to 90% of marine life, but this vast...
Hydrothermal vent covered in tube worms.

Marvels of the deep and their superpowers

Jonathan Amos | 4 September 2018 Maggie Georgieva is turning a jar of preservative around in her hands. "This is it," she says. "This is...
Deep-sea mining tools.

UN treaty would protect high seas from over exploitation

Matt McGrath | 4 September 2018 The first significant steps towards legally protecting the high seas are to take place at the UN in New...
Pelagite (deep seafloor manganese nodule). Courtesy John St. John

The Race Is On to Mine the Deep Sea—But Scientists Are Wary

Jon Letman | 29 August 2018 Closer than the moon, yet less well-mapped than Mars, the Earth’s seafloor is home to otherworldly creatures befitting a...
Deep-sea mining prospects in the Indian Ocean. ISA.

[Indian] Cabinet approves Rs 1600 crore for Ocean programme

Kalyan Ray | 29 August 2018 The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a Rs 1,600-crore programme to harness ocean resources and keep an eye on...
KASM chairwoman Cindy Baxter said the news was a victory for those who fought against the seabed mining consent. TOM PULLAR-STRECKER/STUFF.

Environmentalists win appeal against seabed mining decision

Catherine Groenestein and Christina Persico | 28 August 2018 The South Taranaki Bight seabed mining decision was overturned because its method of environmental management was illegal,...
DeepGreen Logo

Seabed mining the next frontier as DeepGreen trawls Pacific for copper

Jana Marais | 24 August 2018 DeepGreen Metals, which plans to extract copper, cobalt, zinc and manganese from the seabed in the Pacific Ocean, says...
Whale grooves on the sea floor.

Beaked whales may frequent a seabed spot marked for mining

Carolyn Gramling | 21 August 2018 Whales may have made their mark on the seafloor in a part of the Pacific Ocean designated for future...
An artist’s rendering of a deep-sea vehicle designed by Dutch company Royal IHC to harvest polymetallic nodules from the seabed. (Royal IHC)

Hurry Up and Wait: Big Decisions on Seabed Mining Remain Unresolved

Todd Woody | 25 July 2018 It felt like Groundhog Day at the International Seabed Authority last week. When delegates to the United Nations-chartered organization met...


Welcome to DSM Observer’s 2018 New Year Edition

Happy 2018 and welcome to our new year’s edition of the DSM Observer.  As our readers return from holiday breaks and family gatherings, we...

Science Briefs

Advanced spatial planning models could promise new era of sustainable ocean...

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY | 5 March 2018 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Earth's vast oceans brim with potential for commercial activities ranging from tourism to shipping to...
"I think this is a particularly useful approach when we think of new and emerging uses," Sarah Lester said. "There's a trend toward new ocean industries -- whether it's aquaculture, alternative energy or deep sea mining -- that could make great use of this approach."